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TV7-117 turbo-prop engine two-stage planetary gearbox Turbo-prop Ilyushin-114 airplane with the TV7-117 engines
Gearbox with asymmetric gears for the turbo-prop Ilyushin-114 airplane
Low backlash planetary actuators for the 'LongShot' extension kit The 'LongShot' extension kit in flight
Low backlash planetary actuators for the "LongShot" extension kit
Racing boat gearbox with the high contract ratio gears. The gears are made by Three Sigma Mfg. using proprietary wire EDM method.
Micro engine valve drive
Micro engine valve drive
Graco Paint sprayer drive Wagner Paint sprayer drive
Paint sprayer drives
Crossed helical drive for the John Deere equipment
Crossed helical drive for the John Deere equipment
Micro gears for aerospace application
Micro gears for aerospace application
Coin changer planetary gear drive
Coin changer drive
RainBird water sprinkler gear drive RainBird water sprinkler gears
Water sprinkler gears
Medical gear pump with asymmetric teeth
Medical gear pump
Other gear projects
Planetary gear drive for automotive application Generator gear drive with asymmetric gears Bevel gear drive with polyurethane gears
Gear with asymmetric teeth Face gear Gear with high pressure angle
Gear drive for automotive application Involute face coupling Test gears with asymmetric gears
Helical gears with one tooth First stage sun gear with asymmetric teeth of the TV7-117 turboprop engine gearbox Gear

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Abbott Labs
Axicon Technologies
Azure Microdynamics
Bausch & Lomb
Biomet Microfixation
The Boeing Company
Briggs & Stratton
CAN-K Artificial Lift Systems
Coin Acceptors
Clipper Windpower
Creative R&D
Delphi Automotive Systems
DURA Automotive Systems
Eagle Innovations
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
FSI International
General Mills
General Motors
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HDR Engineering
Hitachi Automotive Products
Holley Performance Products
HR Textron
Hutchinson Industries
ITEM, Ltd.
ITT Aerospace Controls
John Deere Company
Kelly Aerospace
Kleiss Gears
Leigh Aerosystems
Magna International
Mars Electronics
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Matsushita Home Appliance Company
McClure Engineering
McMillan Electric Company
Medtronic Xomed
Mendell Machine & Mfg.
Metaldyne Corporation
Optimas Mfg. Solutions
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Parker-Hannifin Corporation
Pella Corporation
Polaris Industries
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Radiant Medical
Rain Bird Corporation
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Red Devil Equipment Co.
REM Chemicals Inc.
Royal Appliance Mfg. Co.
Royal Canadian Police
Sandia National Laboratories
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Sparling Company
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Sturdy Corporation
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