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Direct Gear Design
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History of Direct Gear Design

An idea of Direct Gear Design is not new. Ancient engineers successfully used it centuries ago. They used desired gear performance and known operating conditions to define gear geometry. Then they made gear drives to this geometry using available materials, technology and tools.

It is important to note: the gear geometry was defined first. In other words: gear parameters were primary and the manufacturing process and tool parameters were secondary. This is an essence of Direct Gear Design.

Modern Direct Gear Design is developed for involute gears and based on the Theory of Generalized Parameters created by Prof. E.B. Vulgakov.

Direct Gear Design® is an application driven gear drive development process with primary emphasis on performance maximization and cost efficiency without concern for any predefined tooling parameters.

Traditional vs. Direct Gear Design
Traditional Gear Design Direct Gear Design
Traditional Gear Design sketch
Driven by fabrication process and standards
Direct Gear Design sketch
Driven by application performance priorities
Basic Principle
  • Tooling generating rack parameters and X-shift selection define gear parameters
  • Gear parameters are defined independently from any tooling parameters
  • Advantages
  • Low tooling inventory
  • Availability of standardized tooling
  • All possible gear solutions are considered
  • Significant stress level reduction allows to maximize performance for any application
  • Disadvantages
  • Limited (standard) gear performance
  • Custom tooling is required
  • Applications
  • Gearboxes with interchangeable gear sets
  • Mechanical drive prototyping
  • Low production machined gears
  • Custom and high performance gear drives
  • High production machined gears
  • Plastic and metal injection molded gears
  • Powder metal gears
  • For detailed information on Direct Gear Design click Publications.
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