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Direct Gear Design® works ideally for plastic gears because it provides total design flexibility that is not achievable using the traditional gear design that developed for machined gears. Several design issues need to be considered when designing a plastic gear. Direct Gear Design compensates plastics' low strength and low thermal conductivity by balancing pinion and gear tooth bending stresses, reducing the bending stress concentration, minimizing and balancing specific sliding velocities resulting in maximum efficiency and minimum heat generation.

A big roadblock to producing a precise plastic gear is the distortion from shrinkage during the injection molding process. This distortion results in an inconsistent gear tooth profile and a low gear accuracy. The Genetic Molding Solution® cavity correction method was developed for producing the high precision molded gears. Genetic Molding Solution® software was created by Dr. Yuriy V. Shekhtman and this service is available at www.onestepmolding.com.


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