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AKGears, LLC has developed a number of software applications based on Direct Gear Design technology. Some of them are available for purchase. You are welcome to download software manuals. Please contact at ak@akgears.com with any questions or for a quotation.
Tooth Root Fillet Optimization
The only commercially available Tooth Root Fillet Optimization software that defines the tooth root fillet profile to provide minimum bending stress concentration. It allows increasing gear load capacity by 15-25% and is applicable to involute and non-involute gears with external and internal, symmetric and asymmetric teeth. Manual download

Spline Interpolation and Tangent Arc Approximation
The Spline Interpolation and Tangent Arc Approximation program serves to convert the 2D contour profiles presented by the point coordinates into the DXF CAD files containing the interpolating B-spline curve and/or a curve approximated by tangent circular arcs. Manual download

Pin / Ball & Span Gear Measurement
The program defines the pin and ball measurement for involute spur and helical, external and internal gears with symmetric and asymmetric teeth, and span measurement for external gears with symmetric teeth.

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